Artist statement

Susan Zeppellini, born in São Paulo, Brazil, 1954 and living in Wales, UK.

My art reflects the world where I come from, where folklore, religion, magic, cult and religious sect live side by side. Superstition and mysticism are very strong in our culture. Practically in every corner, in every pub from almost anywhere on our continent, there is a storyteller. I also consider myself a story-teller and my intention is to create a world where nothing is relative, where space and time can be questioned, where the fantastic lives next to reality and at the same time collide. On this otherworldly scenery, my objective is to create a world that reflects my reality.

In my projects, the objects defy gravity, and they are mirrored in symbolism where the idea is to create an atmosphere where it is strenuous to reach the desired place. Clay is the material I choose to express myself and because of its organic qualities, my connection is accented with nature, the land, and the essences of life.

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