Another teasing picture of my work!

New Work

I am working on this sculpture at the moment, I know I haven’t being here for some time, but I have being very busy, trying to organise my life!!! 😉​

Endeavour project: Little Houses

I made these little houses in stoneware and I used it to do my colors testing. I have used various oxides and under glaze too. When I prepared the clay I added grains of rice. So this create a texture, as when the fire ends the grains disappear. When the oxides are fire they create an old and abandoned appearance. In general the results were very positive.

My artwork: “Up-Routed” the Project: First stage “The Arrow Heads”


I started doing the arrow heads with terracotta and stoneware. I am making them individually and I added seeds on to the mixture so when they will be fired they will have the aspect of ancient pieces.