This is a snick preview of my new work for the exhibition  “Cwmbran, Vale of the Crow”

A bit of research 

I went to Victoria and Albert Museum in London to do some researching and came out inspired

National Museum of Art | National Museum Wales

A new stage for art in Wales

From 9 July 2011 Wales will have its own National Museum of Art, featuring the full range of the nation’s world-class art collection under one roof at National Museum Cardiff.

For the first time, the National Museum’s mix of fine and applied art from the historic to the contemporary will be shown in a single series of integrated galleries, giving a new visibility to art in Wales and to the art of Wales. Read more…

Body Landscapes


Rebecca Horn is a leading figure in international contemporary art and has created mesmerizing works in a variety of media for over three decades. Read more

My artwork: “Up-Routed” the Project: Inspiration

This was my inspiration for the project.  I couldn’t stop looking at this installation.

The spears are showing at the exhibition “Evolution” on National Museum Cardiff and Natural History.

The archaeological installation gave me the most inspirational ideas for my project.

The floating in the air feeling of the arrows, the weightlessness and also the combination of the different materials, such as the acrylic rod and the ancient arrowheads with the red background are very contemporary and that creates a very strong impact.