New studio

imageFrom 1st of September I will be moving to a new studio. I am very happy it will be a great change. Watch this space!

Big Draw done

Well we finished the Big Draw project last week and it was fun. The kids did respond very well to the tasks and they enjoy as much we did and we also manage to do our cave in time for the Halloween. Good job we are very please.

here are some of the photos:


Seemed Alive

Saturday and Sunday I Went to work in the studio, because my exhibition is not too far away. I was working on my birds, and what impressed me most was that they seemed alive , So I had to hold them very carefully. When I put them all together It was as if they communicating with themselves.  I hope everything stays that way in a positive note up to the end.

Left on Shelf

I have started this sculpture a long ago but because I didn’t have a bigger kiln, she was left on shelf waiting. But finally my big kiln is working fine and I was able to carry on with her, she is on the last stage now, I have done the oxides and glazes, so this week she will be fired, and I am looking forward to it.


Running Against The Time

I’m running against the time, I have two exhibitions one at the end of October and the other in late November, and the November exhibition is just me and Lara. I’m on running, but here’s a detail of my sculpture, which is already almost finished, lacking only the final glaze.

He Even Has a Head

I had some progress with my man, now he even has a head and still standing. Very nice!