My Solo Exhibition 


This is a snick preview of my new work for the exhibition  “Cwmbran, Vale of the Crow”

Finally finished

I’ve finally finished  my lady, and now I’m happy with the result. I have fired her so many times that I won’t be able to get the same result ever!!!


Black Birds

I am developing a new body of work using black birds as inspiration. The work still in an experimental phase. I am using sculptural black clay.

Finished The Sculpture

I finished the sculpture and now is drying. I have to make some tests about glazing, I think I want a rustic finishing.


This is a painting I made using this new technique I’m developing. I used wood board, graphite and acrylic paint. In the self-portrait, my idea was not to try to show the beautiful side, no make-up, no hair tidy, but the interior, where beauty and aesthetics shall not have importance.

Self Portrait Wood board, graphite and acrylic paint 40x40 cm
Wood board, graphite and acrylic paint
40×40 cm