I’m back

It has being a long time since I was here, but I’m back! I have being very busy, working and exhibiting, and also moving studios.

What I want to share today is a video that was made from one of my exhibitions, I am not very good talking about my work, as you will see it, but it is an important part of my journey



This is a snick preview of my new work for the exhibition  “Cwmbran, Vale of the Crow”

I’m re-blogging these images because they somehow remind me home, where I used to spend my holidays, and they cause me a feeling of being on the beach under a shade, drinking a caipirinha and letting the world go by.


Afraid of chances, keen on changes
Changes that challenge, churning chasms
To choose to try: chills in the spine
Choking but hoping a new life to find

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CILDO MEIRELES a great brazilian artist

Cildo Meireles, Glovetrotter (detail) 1991, © courtesy the artist Photo: Tate Photography
Mission/Missions (How to Build Cathedrals) by Cildo Meireles. Photograph: Daros Latin America Collection, Zurich/Tate Modern
Cildo Meireles, Missão/Missões (How to Build Cathedrals) (detail) 1987, Daros-Latinamerica Collection, Zurich © Cildo Meireles Photo: Tate Photography
Cildo Meireles, Fontes (detail) 1992/2008, © Courtesy the artist Photo: Tate Photography
Cildo Meireles, Volatile 1980–94 Courtesy of the artist Photo: Tate Photography