My artwork: “Up-Routed” the Project: Inspiration

This was my inspiration for the project.  I couldn’t stop looking at this installation.

The spears are showing at the exhibition “Evolution” on National Museum Cardiff and Natural History.

The archaeological installation gave me the most inspirational ideas for my project.

The floating in the air feeling of the arrows, the weightlessness and also the combination of the different materials, such as the acrylic rod and the ancient arrowheads with the red background are very contemporary and that creates a very strong impact.

A roundup of Trust New Art 2010 (via Trust New Art Blog)

As the year nears its end, this slide show (c.2 minutes) shows a selection of images from projects that took place this year. Over 500,000 visitors to National Trust places had the chance to see contemporary art. The Trust New Art team would like to thank the many people who make this possible: artists, curators, funders, visitors, property teams and volunteers. 2011 will be an exciting year, and we look forward to seeing you then. All seasonal g … Read More

via Trust New Art Blog

My artwork: The “3 Amigos”, earthware and silver lust

The 3 Amigos are the result of tests using terracotta and oxides fired in high temperature with platinum lust.