I’m back

It has being a long time since I was here, but I’m back! I have being very busy, working and exhibiting, and also moving studios.

What I want to share today is a video that was made from one of my exhibitions, I am not very good talking about my work, as you will see it, but it is an important part of my journey


My Solo Exhibition 

New studio

imageFrom 1st of September I will be moving to a new studio. I am very happy it will be a great change. Watch this space!


We still have some places available, come and have fun in our friendly workshops.


really working

last Friday I started really working, as the studio is finally operational. This caused me a great feeling, it’s like starting all over again, only in a different way. Now whatever I create is for myself, and the only pressure I have is to please only me.
This is a new project, which will connect the past four years of work and it’ll probably be showing in November exhibition.
I started making in cardboard, that will serve as a basis for myself and with the help of photoshop I put them together in a variety of numbers to get an idea of how they’re going to look if I display them together in a large number.


A day with children’s vision

Last week I went to London to meet my dear friends Val, Marcos, and little Gabriel. They decided to spend a few days in London before going to Sweden on vacation. This time I did not went to London to see art exhibitions, but to spend a good time in the museums and attractions that Gabriel’s fancied. However, we can find artistic references everywhere, we just have to look. We went to the Zoo,British Museum and the next day we went to the Warner Bros Studio, where the movie Harry Porter series were filmed. The experience was fantastic, because the number of artists working on the sets is immense, and they are fabulous. Here are some of the hundreds of photos I took in the studio and museum.

The Museum with the mummies!

Harry Poter Warner Bros Studio