This is a snick preview of my new work for the exhibition  “Cwmbran, Vale of the Crow”

New series


I am starting a new series of magical realism landscapes, this one is for the Workers Gallery. At the moment it is drying and waiting to be fired. I used red terracotta for this work, as I want it to be organic as possible. Usually I don’t use terracotta , but for this work I think it is a must and, apart from the mess, I am enjoying work with it, it is quite soft and wet, I like it.


We still have some places available, come and have fun in our friendly workshops.


Functionals Pieces

As all of you know, I like to make functional pieces in between my artistic work. For me is very important to do that, because it takes away my brain from serious thoughts and give me the opportunity to work freely without compromise. This bowl I’m doing, it has already been bisk fire, now I’m applying a little oxide to give more intensiveness in the details, then I will apply the glaze to finish.


Lara’s wedding present

After a long time I’m back on my blog. I was a few days without my rooter and consequently without internet,  I don’t like to work on my phone, but  now I have a new one. This morning I finished the piece I was making for Lara’s wedding present. I really liked it and, I managed to create the effect I wanted.