Another detail

I have finished this piece and this is another detail, now it is drying and waiting to be fire. 

Last Piece

I have being working on the final piece for the Myths and Legends and keep breaking right at the end when I am trying to fixed inside the bowl. Is making me crazy! 

Myths & Legends development 2

A little bit more!



We still have some places available, come and have fun in our friendly workshops.


Big Draw done

Well we finished the Big Draw project last week and it was fun. The kids did respond very well to the tasks and they enjoy as much we did and we also manage to do our cave in time for the Halloween. Good job we are very please.

here are some of the photos:


Nest and Egg

Looking at my little eggs, I though something was missing, so I decide to make black clay little nests to accommodate two eggs. This is the result. Very happy!

He Even Has a Head

I had some progress with my man, now he even has a head and still standing. Very nice!