Another teasing picture of my work!

My Solo Exhibition 

Seemed Alive

Saturday and Sunday I Went to work in the studio, because my exhibition is not too far away. I was working on my birds, and what impressed me most was that they seemed alive , So I had to hold them very carefully. When I put them all together It was as if they communicating with themselves.  I hope everything stays that way in a positive note up to the end.

Black Bird

Well  it has being a while , but I’m back. It has being few changes in the studio, but we recovered the pieces and now I am concentrating on my work. This is the black bird wich I almost finished, now is just waiting for the lust application.


New Bird

I have being very busy, as our workshops started last month. It is very intense and at the same time has been very rewarding. I need to find a way to balance the two, studio work and workshops. I also completed another sculpture of black bird and here are the photos. The sculpture needs to dry so I can fire it.

Black Birds

I am developing a new body of work using black birds as inspiration. The work still in an experimental phase. I am using sculptural black clay.