I’m back

It has being a long time since I was here, but I’m back! I have being very busy, working and exhibiting, and also moving studios.

What I want to share today is a video that was made from one of my exhibitions, I am not very good talking about my work, as you will see it, but it is an important part of my journey



Another teasing picture of my work!

My Solo Exhibition 


This is a snick preview of my new work for the exhibition  “Cwmbran, Vale of the Crow”

New Work

I am working on this sculpture at the moment, I know I haven’t being here for some time, but I have being very busy, trying to organise my life!!! 😉​

Finally finished

I’ve finally finished  my lady, and now I’m happy with the result. I have fired her so many times that I won’t be able to get the same result ever!!!


Left on Shelf

I have started this sculpture a long ago but because I didn’t have a bigger kiln, she was left on shelf waiting. But finally my big kiln is working fine and I was able to carry on with her, she is on the last stage now, I have done the oxides and glazes, so this week she will be fired, and I am looking forward to it.