2012 • Me and the World

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This project is about a journey through a world where the focus is finding self, discovering where to belong and the need for family ties.

This installation has being made with real tree branches and the sculptures with clay and straw. The sculptures size are about 10cm high. I painted the shadows in three different shades of greys, for a soft effect. Exhibition space 4m x 3m x 3m.
Detail of the sculptures, clay and straw, about 10cm high.

This is a scaled experiment,  I am still testing materials, and all results untill now have being a disaster, but I will find a way.

I have used clay and straw to make the table and chairs, it hasn’t being fired yet, but in later tests it has worked, so now I can move on with the project.

2 Replies to “2012 • Me and the World”

    1. Oi Isa, eu estou desenvolvento esta technica e devo aplicar nos meus novos projetos. Muito obrigada pelo comentario. Bjos


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