2010-2011 • Up-Routed

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This was my inspiration for the project.  I couldn’t stop looking at this installation.

The spears are showing at the exhibition “Evolution” on National Museum Cardiff and Natural History.

The archaeological installation gave me the most inspirational ideas for my project.

The floating in the air feeling of the arrows, the weightlessness and the combined materials, such as the acrylic rod and the ancient arrowheads with the red background are very contemporary and that creates a very strong impact.


I was looking for color symbolism and came across this website. Interesting.



plexus no. 4 + site specific installation at the dallas contemporary + gütermann thread, wood and nails




I started

to research about arrow heads and found very interesting sites. They are all very special, they are full of identity, they look as if they were very special jewels.


And again the same thing, I still find myself attracted to this image, the natural color of the arrow heads in contrast with the red background still very intense to me.



Also known as the Spear of Destiny, this pre-eminent Christian relic is believed by some to be the real spear used to confirm the death of Christ on the cross. Today, it resides in Vienna’s Kunsthistoriches Museum, but the story of its journey to this final resting place is one of power and glory and greed, as history’s most infamous leaders – including Napoleon and Hitler – sought to wield its alleged supernatural power in their bids to conquer the world. Whatever one believes about the Spear, there can be no doubt that the desire to possess this relic has helped to shape the destiny of mankind.



The Museum project

I have chosen for this project, an archaeological installation showing at the exhibition “Evolution” on National Museum Cardiff.

The piece gave me much inspiration for developing my ideas for the project. The most interesting aspects of the installation were the way it had being set up. As a result the piece gave a sensation that the arrows were floating in the air. Equally important it was the weightlessness and the use of different materials, such as the acrylic rod and the ancient arrowheads against the red background, that created a contemporary fusion with a very strong impact.

For the project the aim is to produce a work that encapsulates passion, loss of identity and culture. Therefore the viewer should identify with it. The intentions are to communicate visually with different aspects of identity, but reinforcing the characteristic of not knowing where to belong and what we stand for.

The source of medium for the project are ceramics, textiles, plastic, human hair and natural fibers. All the work is going to be done manually, and it will be given a special attention to the arrowheads as artifacts, therefore producing them individually, also giving it an identity.

With this in mind, I have being looking on my research at the artists such as: Cai Guo-Qiang, Damián Ortega, Gabriel Dawe, Brandon d’Leo, Emily Prince, Dawn NG and others and what fascinates me is the aerial installations that I want to apply to the work.

The outcome of this project will be an installation, and as a result I would be using a wall and the roof where the exhibition is going to take place. For example the arrows will be suspending across the corridors of the exhibition. Also those will be done in light material probably in parts as mobiles for easy fittings. The project is on an early stage and might have some changes during it is execution, but the emphasis is for the viewer to have a journey throughout identity matters, like the battles and struggles we all will be going through our existence.



What I am trying to do is to make a sample of the final installation. Consequently on this way I will know if I am successful on my intentions, and it will give me an idea about the problems I will meet during the process of the installation.

I want to add the red color on my work, but at this moment I am not sure if I will apply to all background or just in some details.



I have applied the background first in a flat color, but it did not work, so I made this effect to give a sensation of dry blood. It became more organic, it almost gave a cavern feel to it.



In front of the background I stretched a cotton material that represents the barriers and obstacles we come across throughout our lives.

The arrows will cross it floating way from throughout space.






Egypt Palette Fertility Goddess

This gave me an idea how I can change the identity of the arrows.

I went for a walking for my research about tree textures and forms and took few photos.


I have taken this photos because of the texture and the tones of the trees . Those in particular are not live trees. These are pieces that have being cut and kept in a dry place, but still have kept the colors.


This is an experiment using a trunk and adding polystyrene and cotton netting and adding color later, interesting but not what I want. I want to give a more real fell to the tree.


Those are my tests for the trunk . At the first I was thinking to cast a tree so I had practiced on a piece of trunk making a mould (1st pic), the result wasn’t what I want, so I had this idea of taking the imprinting direct from a tree, and the negative printing was very much what I like.

It was like to seeing the tree from the inside out, and much more relevant to what I want to say. It was almost like given a soul to my work.


These are some of glazes tests. I was very happy with the results.


When I went for my residency at Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archeology in Oxford I saw this very old trees and this was an inspiration for my project.


This was the project end.

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