News In The Studio

These are the news that are happening in the studio right now!

“We have been really busy working on a lot of different things over the last few months! In between getting a constitution written up and applying for a bank account, we have been working hard preparing for 2 exhibitions.

Sue has been working on a few different things, mainly figurative sculptures ready for the exhibition in Swansea in November.  As well as this, she has been making nests with straw and slip, and using egg shells to hold little tiny houses in.

Liz has continued her practice from university, with her figures exploring different positions, even taking on familiar Rodin forms.  She has recently created another boat, this time in scarva rather than terracotta.

Lara has continued with rabbit forms, experimenting with oxides, slips and glazes.  She has been experimenting different shapes and positions, as well as making rabbit heads/masks.” Lara Woolley

Author: susan zeppellini

I am an artist in a constant quest for inspiration. This blog is dedicated to everything and everyone that makes me challenge my thoughts or just makes me smile.

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