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Yes we are very happy, with our studio space!!!!!

Lara Victoria Roberts

We have a studio!


After a year of being lost, let down, disappointed … We have a studio!

When I was organising The Crux of The Matter, I went to The Factory, Porth to check out their gallery, Art In The Attic.  When I met with Anne, she showed me the space and explained that she currently had an art class on so was in a bit of a rush.  I went in to the class with her and met the group, and at the end of the class Anne asked for me to help her out with the classes, which I have been doing since January.  As we got talking, I explained to Anne that I primarily work with clay but due to not having access to a kiln, I have had to put that part of my practice on hold.  That was when Anne explained that there…

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