Endeavour Project: A larger one

After having made my first tower, and tested the colors, I decided to make a larger one. To aid the constructionof  the tower, I used cardboard tubes as a base, and I was putting clay to wrapped the tube. This test was not successful, because I forgot that when the clay dries it shrinks, then imagine the disaster, the next day it was all cracked. As I could not get the tubes from the inside of the tower, I had to go remedying according with the cracks where it appeared. It took four days to me to make this tower, which it is not possible, it has to be done much faster. Well after it has dried, I applied a black under glaze, until about half way up of the tower. This is because I want to test the last glaze over black and white, to see what is the reaction in colors. Finally I took to the kiln to fire at 1060 degrees centigrade. The result was finally positive.

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