My artwork: New project

Well, I am starting on this new project. It hasn’t a name yet, but I am still working around issues of identity and home displacement.

This installation has being made with real tree branches and the sculptures with clay and straw. The sculptures size are about 10cm high. I painted the shadows in three different shades of greys, for a soft effect. Exhibition space 4m x 3m x 3m.
Detail of the sculptures, clay and straw, about 10cm high.

This is a scaled experiment, which I hope I will be achieving something similar for the June 2012 exhibition . I am still testing materials, and all results have being a disaster, but I will find a way.

I have used clay and straw to make the table and chairs, it hasn’t being fired yet, but in later tests it has worked, so now I can move on with the project.

2 Replies to “My artwork: New project”

  1. Susan, this is a wonderful installation! To begin with, I thought the chairs and table were “life-size”! After seeing the tree branches and the huge shadows against the wall, I realized how tiny the actual sculptures are! A dream-like atmosphere…a fairy wonderland! LOVE it!!!


    1. Thank you Jeanette, my intention was to make a scaled installation, but I really like the effect I have created with the miniatures and the shadows, so on the next I might play with different sizes to create a perspective confusion of images. xxx


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