My artwork: “Up-Routed” the Project: That’s all about

The Museum project

I have chosen for this project, an archaeological installation showing at the exhibition “Evolution” on National Museum Cardiff.

The piece gave me a considerable inspiration for developing my ideas for the project. The most interesting aspects of the installation were the way it had being set up. As a result the piece gave a sensation that the arrows were floating in the air. Equally important it was the weightlessness and the use of different materials, such as the acrylic rod and the ancient arrowheads against the red background, that created a contemporary fusion with a very strong impact.

For the project the aim is to produce a work that encapsulates passion, loss of identity and culture. Therefore the viewer should identify with it. The intentions are to communicate visually with different aspects of identity, but reinforcing the characteristic of not knowing where to belong and what we stand for.

The source of medium for the project are going to be ceramics, textiles, plastic, human hair and natural fibres. All the work is going to be done manually, and it is going to be given a special attention to the arrowheads as artefacts, therefore producing them individually, also giving it an identity.

With this in mind, I have being looking on my research at the artists such as: Cai Guo-Qiang, Damián Ortega, Gabriel Dawe, Brandon d’Leo, Emily Prince, Dawn NG and others and what fascinates me is the aerial installations that I want to apply to the work.

The outcome of this project is going to be an installation, and as a result I would be using a wall and the roof where the exhibition is going to take place. For example the arrows will be suspending across the corridors of the exhibition. Also those are going to be done in light material probably in parts as mobiles for easy fittings. The project is on an early stage and might have some changes during it is execution, but the emphasis is for the viewer to have a journey throughout identity matters, like the battles and struggles we all will be going through our existence.

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