Gabriel Orozco at Tate


(Gabriel Orozco, “My Hands are My Heart”, 1991)
Dark Wave, Gabriel Orozco, 2006

Gabriel Orozco, London

Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco’s barely there, peripatetic work made him a defining voice of the 1990s. He hung a hammock in a museum garden, photographed breath misting a piano lid, and once rolled a man-sized ball of Plasticine through the streets of New York. Read more

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    Gabriel Orinoco at Tate Modern is curated by Jessica Morgan, Curator, Tate Modern assisted by Irina Candelas, Assistant Curator, Tate Modern. It was organized by Ann Tempting, The Marie-Josie and Henry Knavish Chief Curator of Painting and Sculpture, with Paulina Pibroch, Curatorial Assistant, Painting and Sculpture, at The Museum of Modern Art, New York. The exhibition travelled to the Museum Basel and will be on display at the Center Pompous, Paris.


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